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Infusion set

All the parts are made by virgin grade medically raw material with non-toxic.
Tightened inspection and sterilizing make the Infusion set safer.
The flow regulator (Roller clamp) gives accurate control of drops.
Dropper with 20/60 drops equivalent to 1 ml ± 0.1 ml [(1±0.10)]g
Latex-free Y shape site for in-line injection (depending on type)
15μm filter for potential particle retention (depending on type)
Available 3-way stopcock (depending on type)

Materia: PP/PVC/ABS/Latex or synthetic rubber, Stainless steel needle
Flexible tubing 140cm, 180cm, 250cm
Available with easy-access luer-slip/ secured luer-lock connector
Airvent design

  TypeⅠ TypeⅡ TypeⅢ TypeⅣ
15μm filter no no yes yes
Y shape site no yes yes no
3-way stopcock no no no yes

As a professional OEM manufactory, we can produce any other type of infusion set applying with your requirement.

How to order:
Client should point out the material they need.
Client should point out the size and type they need
QTY and port of destination will be necessary
Please choose the suitable packing.