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Scope of Exhibits

● medical equipment: all kinds of new medical equipment and medical auxiliary apparatus, cardiac care, medical imaging, biochemical analysis apparatus, blood pressure monitors and thermometers and other kinds of home medical equipment. 

● Diagnosis and treatment equipment: X-ray diagnosis of inspection equipment, ultrasonic diagnosis, nuclear medicine, endoscopy system, ENT treatment equipment, dynamic analysis equipment, cryogenic equipment, dialysis equipment, first aid equipment. 

● ward nursing equipment and appliances: various types of beds, cabinets, chairs, beds and so on. 

● Auxiliary equipment: disinfection and sterilization products, oxygen oxygen equipment, blood bank equipment, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation equipment, the disabled and other special equipment. 

● oral medical equipment: dental diagnostic medical equipment, dental surgical instruments, dental equipment. 

● Hospital telemedicine systems, hospital medical information system, hospital office automation system. 

● dressing: Medical bandages, gauze, masks, gowns, medical adhesive plaster, wound plaster, cotton balls, medical gloves, surgical protective film, breathable medical tape, adhesive, paste, disposable syringes, infusion sets 

● medical magnetic resonance equipment 

● operating room, emergency room, clinic equipment and apparatus 

● medical software, medical media and information processing systems and related services


Domestic enterprises: RMB11800.00/Session;   Overseas enterprises: USD3800.00/Session    

During the exhibition, many sessions of seminars will be organized for international technology and trade exchanges, product promotion and presentations. All enterprises can make an application for hosting their own seminars. They must decide their topics and submit them to the Organizing Committee with the Application Form/Contract to arrange for conference room and equipment, and organize professional audience in advance. Equipment provided: Conference room, tables and chairs, 1 projector, 2 microphones and 1 screen