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Exhibition General Introduction

China International Medical Equipment Exhibition area over 30,000 square meters, more than 900 standard booths, creating the world's top medical instrumentation industry event. 2010 China Medical Equipment Fair (Medical Devices China 2010) was awarded the 2010 Association of China's most valuable trade show exhibitors title.

 "2010" is the first to usher in the main city named the "2010 Shanghai World Expo", will mark the 7 million people around the world come to Shanghai to visit the World Expo will remain unchanged after the end of all venues will remain open to the public. "2010" is China - the formal establishment of the ASEAN Free Trade Area of the year. "2010" is also a crucial year for medical reform. Medical device market is a thriving business. 

Shanghai is an international financial and business city, is opening a window of China, always walking in front of the high-end medical device industry, particularly in the World Expo held in 2010 between the eighth China (Shanghai) International Medical Equipment Fair, the courage to more market- Portland has created unprecedented conditions. For further promote the development of China's medical device industry to improve China's medical equipment industry, consumers and international counterparts in the overall image and impact of great practical and historical significance. 

As the world's largest and most influential annual gathering of international medical device field, this session will be "international, professional, high-level" meeting requirements of the buyer to improve the quality of exhibition organizers will invite South Korea, Japan, United States , Germany, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Denmark, Iran, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, and Africa more than 20 countries and regions, and China / Taiwan, Hong Kong and other professional audiences to purchase medical device products, and held more than 30 technical exchange seminars. More effective to develop the Chinese exhibitors and overseas markets. 2010 Eighth China (Shanghai) International Medical Equipment Fair will provide global medical device companies and users learn about the latest market trends in the medical equipment industry, but also to the global supplier of related equipment, medical equipment suppliers, manufacturers, design and scientific research on behalf of a more profound understanding of China's medical device industry market, thus promoting the development of China's medical equipment industry.

【Organizers & Sponsor】
China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care (CPAM)
China Association for Medical Devices Industry
Jiangsu Association for Medical Devices Industry    
Hong Kong Medical & Healthcare Device Industries Association
Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau           
International Association for Medical Devices Industry
Korea Medical Devices Association
USA Medical Device Manufacturers Association
Taiwan Medical Enduring Education Institute

Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Media Supporters: 
HC360 Network, China Medical Devises Purchasing Network, Maydeal Medical Devises Network,  China Tender & Purchasing Navigation Network, Medical Business Network, Medical Devices Information Network, China Medical Products Platform, China Medical Devices & Equipment Network, Medical Devices Purchasing, Chinese Journal of Medical Device, Chinese Journal of Medical Instrumentation, Zhongshi Medical Network.

Exhibition is one of the most direct and effective marketing approaches. Suppliers and buyers of the medical devices industry will gather at the same time and in the same place. If you participate in the “Medical Devices China 2010”, you will have the opportunity to make face-to-face talks with more than 30,000 visitors.

【Why Participate】 

Contact high-quality buyers and locate professional users: more than 30,000 visitors. You will save much time to search for customers. “Medical Devices China 2010” is worthy of your participation.

Suppliers can:

★ Through the “Medical Devices China 2010”, know and contact high-quality buyers at low cost and become suppliers of many potential foreign buyers;

★ Through the “Medical Devices China 2010”, have face-to-face communications with buyers and directly know the needs, strategies and purchasing trends of buyers; 

★ Through the “Medical Devices China 2010”, convey your own contact detail and corporate culture to buyers at the Expo and this is a marketing opportunity at lowest cost.

Suppliers can also:

Make use of concurrent event: China (Shanghai) International Home Medical & Healthcare Products Exhibition 2010 will provide a one-stop purchasing platform for enterprises.

Reach transactions on the spot: Though the show time is limited, thanks to direct face-to-face talks with buyers, it is easy to reach agreement or intention.

Search for potential customers: 3-days show and over 30,000 visitors will help you meet new potential customers.

Publicize your company and products: Exhibition is a kind of 3-dimentional advertisement and can enhance buyers’ understanding of products and services, and it is easy to accept.

Set up corporate image: Set up a fine corporate image in the same industry and among customers, and uplift your status in the industry.

Deepen market understanding: Know more about market demand and potential amid exchanges with buyers. It is more direct and accurate than your routine market survey.

Open up market and establish marketing channels: Use the exhibition to open up market and seek customers, look for and select agents or joint venture partners.

Widen international horizons: Build up an effective platform for international cooperation so as to let your company and products enter into international market more properly.

Interact supply-demand relationship: Your old customers or suppliers will get together at the exhibition, so it is convenient for you to carry out interactions and thank-you activities.

Learn about development experience: By comparing with other suppliers, learn about others’ experience in enterprise development.


Registration & Move-in: December 12, 2010 

Opening Ceremony: December 12, 2010 (9:00 - 9:30)

Show Time: December 13-15, 2010

Move-out: December 15, 2010 (p.m.)

Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center